Our Approach

We raise our animals as nature intended - feeding each species their appropriate diet. We raise our animals without antibiotics, hormones, vaccines, routine medication or genetically modified feeds so you can be sure your food is clean and free from harmful chemicals. Our animals live a good, content life in an environment appropriate to each species.

Our Story

We started farming on rented land in 2007 to pursue our dream of raising healthy animals that could contribute to our own health. We continued to use rented land until we moved onto our 20 acre farm in July of 2012. Since then we have been able to expand our offerings and further our goal of raising healthy animals for our customers. We hope you will visit our farm to experience the beauty of farmland being used sustainably and content animals living unstressed lives.

Meet the Team


Dave and Regina

Dave grew up in Loudoun County, VA where he had chickens as a boy until he moved to Texas as a teenager. He has had a love of the great outdoors since his childhood and spent his free time hiking, rock climbing and camping throughout his teens and college years. He enjoys taking the family on these adventures when not performing the daily chores of farm life.

Regina grew up on a small farm on Maryland's Eastern Shore. She has always had a love of farm animals and gardening. Throughout her teens and college years she worked with horses in many different disciplines.  She loves farm life and experiencing it with the children. Her passion is still with horses but her milk cows come in a close second.