Pastured Poultry

We raise chicken, turkey, and egg layers on our lush pastures. Prices


Forested Pork

We rotate our pigs through the woods and feed them all natural, non-GMO feed ration in addition to local vegetables and fruits. Prices


Grass Fed Beef

We raise and finish our grassfed beef on our beautiful pastures while rotating them through several different paddocks. Prices


The multi species aproach

Our animals are rotated through our property and are never crowded. Having multiple species rotated over the same ground helps to break the parasite and disease cycle without the use of antibiotics and medications.

On farm and delivery sales

Our meats are available for purchase at our farm sales center in Toms Brook or at our drop locations in Front Royal, VA and Gainesville, VA. Feel free to call or email to coordinate with us.


purchase products

If you would like to purchase meats from Beatrix Farm please email. We look forward to hearing from you! Click here for our price list.

Dave & Regina Farinholt